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“I give what is given.
It gives me so much joy.”


The philosophy of Yugen Wisdom

We at Yugen believe that most, if not all of life’s challenges can be solved through a deep connection within.

Yugen specialises in helping people from many different walks of life, from business people, to individuals facing challenging times at any stage in their life. That help comes in the form of support, knowledge, wisdom, life experience and guidance through a deep psychic connection, mediumship, and medical intuitive assistance.

At Yugen we have over 30 years of experience incorporating NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) mindfulness, EQ (Emotion Intelligence), stress management and healing into our practice.

Yugen takes the approach of using various methodologies to help customers gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of their life’s journey. This in turn leads to peace of mind, growth and an appreciation of the purpose of life and how to turn a tribulation into triumph.

Our background begins with working in the corporate world, where so much time is lost in office politics, resulting in demotivated staff and poor leadership. Where the ego rules and the heart is hidden. We aim to reduce the ego and increase the heart space, so that the obstacle is over come and progress can be made to move forwards.

We at Yugen understand the wisdom that lies both within and is reflected within the whole of the Universe.


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Bibi says that it never ceases to amaze her how accurate the information is, that she is given. Many people come back to Bibi later; to confirm the readings that they had received were ‘spot on.’

People travel to all four corners of the earth and yet the greatest journey that they face, lies in journeying within
— Bibi Bayliss, June 1998

Bibi loves what she does and it clearly shows in her passion, kindness and compassion for everyone she sees. She is available by telephone, or Skype and for one-to-one readings or sittings. Her fee is £79 and a sitting/reading normally takes an hour.

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